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Rebecca McEldowney - Soul of Flesh: A Novel of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Soul of Flesh: A Novel of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution“You’re nothing if you offer no resistance. . .”

Daniel Levin and Julianna Feher are living what they’d both like to think is a great life in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is a county medical examiner, and she translates other people’s words into English. Into their orderly world comes the wealthy Andras Molnar, a mysterious refugee from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, when a small country spontaneously threw off the yoke of the vastly superior Soviet power for two brief and glorious weeks of liberty. From the start, when Molnar gives Julianna his memoirs to translate, he challenges her to revolt against the confines of her second-hand life. But the seductive older man wants more than a translation from Julianna. The three are drawn into a triangle of torture, vengeance, and love that will change their lives forever. Purchase on Buy  Rebecca McEldowney Books on Amazon

Advance praise for Soul of Flesh:

“. . .brought back the intense fear I felt as a young girl upon hearing reports from family friends who had escaped Hungary, of the horrors that went on behind the walls of the security police headquarters. . .”
--Julie King, Vero Beach, Florida

“An autopsy of revolution—personal, political, historical—this stunning novel will leave you breathless at each turn of the page.
--Adelaide “Mickey” Getty, Author of Junk Lottery

Who is Rebecca McEldowney?
Rebecca McEldowney is a second generation American Hungarian from Cleveland, Ohio. Her previous novels include Manual for Normal and Guardian Devils. More information is available at www.rebeccamceldowney.com, and she welcomes your correspondence at mastermanbecky@yahoo.com.

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