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Book Highlight: Istvan Stephen Sisa - "The Spirit of Hungary"

The Spirit of Hungary by Steven Sisa: A Panorama of Hungarian History and Culture, Third Edition

Emerging from author Stephen Sisa's exhaustive research and his knack for the interesting and colorful, this landmark work illuminates the drama, the struggles, the pinnacles, the depths, the genius, the indomitable Magyar spirit which mark the 1100-year rhapsody of this nation's existence.

All this comes alive on 374 album-sized pages with 260 illustrations and 35 maps that reflect the panorama of Hungarian history and culture.

“The best book on Hungary in print” - Hungarian Heritage Review

"Seeks to illuminate the spirit of Hungary...It succeeds with a lively, fast-paced narrative, abundantly enhanced by hundreds of engaging illustrations...Recommended." - Library Journal

“Magnificent…Nothing like it has ever been published in English!” - Albert Wass, Central European Forum

“All those who want a feel for the “soul” of these remarkable people will be delighted…Handsome, smoothly written, richly illustrated.” - History: Review of New Books

“This is the book I have been waiting for! I can give it to my grandchildren to show them their heritage.” - D. Kozba, Australia

  • A Beautiful Treasury of the Hungarian Heritage!

  • 300 illustrations & fascinating true stories about famous people and events

  • History (includes the Revolution of 1956 and the final victory over Communism)

  • Art, Music, Science, and Sports

  • Hungary as a “Nation Without Boundaries” - and much more!

Buy his book now on the Hungarian Scouts Bookstore (KÜLFÖLDI MAGYAR

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Ár (Price) USD 25.00
Plus shipping and handling

Buy his book now on the Hungarian Scouts Bookstore! (KÜLFÖLDI MAGYAR

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About the Author

Steven SisaAll are available on the AHF Amazon Store! Help AHF by purchasing products using the AHF Amazon Store!

A true son of the Carpathian Basin. Founded the “Free World Review,” which between 1956-1961 featured such internationally known contributors as Abba Eban, Habib Borguiba, Archduke Otto von Habsburg, Liddel Hart, Prince Norodom Sihanouk and David McCord Wright to name a few. Author of many works, such as the “Spirit of Hungary” seen here.

Born just before the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Stephen Sisa is a son of the Carpathian Basin with a mixed background that eminently qualifies him to write this book. Although he absorbed Hungarian culture in his native land, he started his career as an editorial writer in Austrian newspapers. His incisive articles were also published in the German Südosttimme and other publications and were subjects of discussion on West German radio stations.

In 1951, he settled in the United States, where he founded the magazine Exiled Europe and, later, the esteemed foreign affairs quarterly Free World Review, which featured internationally known contributors, including Archduke Otto von Habsburg, Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Abba Eban, David McCord Wright and others. Stephen Sisa is also the author of America’s Amazing Hungarians.  Stephen Sisa’s forte is objective yet colorful presentation, qualities that come through strongly in his writing. He is the recipient of the Colonel Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom established to honor outstanding individuals and recognize their life's achievements, dedication to freedom and democracy, promotion of transatlantic relations, and meritorious contribution to society. The award, AHF's highest honor, is open to Hungarians and non-Hungarians alike. Accepting for his father was Capt. I. Sisa, USN, Ret.

Hungarian translation available:
In 2001 Stephen Sisa oversaw the Hungarian translation of THE SPIRIT OF HUNGARY, under the title Magyarságtükre (Mirror of the Magyars). This book, similar in handsome appearance to the English version, is now available in Hungary. Arrangements for purchase in the United States or Canada for delivery within Hungary can be made.  For details, contact Vista Court Books.

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