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Book Highlight: Eva Mecs - "The Porcelain Figurine" (A Porcelánbaba)

How often does it happen, that letters thought to be long-lost, gently passed into oblivion, with pictures and a steadily unfolding love story suddenly, unexpectedly re-emerge? This near miracle is what occurred with Ildikó, prompting her to start on a quest to find that first love from whom she, as a seventeen-year-old, received 38 wondrous letters with beautiful poems in 1970's Hungary.

Have we the right to stir up the past? Can we - after the fact - accept responsibility for acts committed 33 years ago? Is it wise to allow deeply repressed passions to be rekindled?

Society and family guide the development of our personalities. How and why did these two young lovers find themselves the victims of opposite worlds? How deep are those roots that determine our character's most dominant foundations by the time we grow up and mature? How and why do we atone for the acts of our parents? Can a pure and true love survive the passage of three decades?

Ildikó has now lived in America for a long time. Through letters and telephone calls she slowly gathers the threads which leads her to hope for some unexpected news and a pilgrimage to her homeland.

Throughout the process of her investigative efforts and the belabored waiting we become acquainted with a character-forming life journey, a true porcelain figurine, who fought her way up from hell's doorstep so that she could realize her most ambitious dream."

What other's have said:

  • Eva Mecs's novel is best defined from the perspective of a psychological dimension. It's a story of an unfulfilled love which still undoubtedly and entirely determined an individual. The author sociologically describes a very exact and captivating description of a dictatorial era. The novel is also outstandingly complete from the point of psychoanalitical interpretation. The storyline runs in parallel timelevels. A grammatically brilliant composition, and an intellectually uplifting experience where the historical veracity is unquestionable. It also brings a spiritually rich content about the never, or a thousand times experienced paradox of love. - Dr Tibor Balazs, Director of Accordia Publishing, Budapest
  • Once upon a time there was a girl, with a beautiful, proud bearing, talent's star high on her forehead . . . She was born in the outlying portion of Hungary (as was I), wearing the signature red scarf of the young pioneers in the sixties, becoming a big girl in the seventies, maturing in the early eighties to fi nd her place in her chosen calling (as did I). After a while, turning her back to everything (home, family, career) she escapes to the other side of the vast ocean . . . . Why? What secrets haunt and drive her? What prompted the need to reexamine her life from this great distance, from without and above? To me that is what this novel is about - our fate, as viewed in the mirror of our past. - Anna Kubik, "Érdemes Mûvész & Jászai prize" actress
  • What's amazing is how personally history filters through the years and life in this novel, ending up on the pages in such a way that it becomes an experience for the reader as well. After reading Eva Mecs's novel, it certainly became part of me too. - Emmerich Oross

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About the Author

AHF Member Eva Mecs was born and grew up in Hungary. She was drawn to the performing arts and writing from very early on. Her analytical personality, curiosity, the force to find the answers to all the "whys" pushed her to discover everything connected to human nature. She changed her homeland hoping to find happiness in the New World. Her book, The Porcelain Figurine was published in Budapest in 2007.

Feeling compelled to react to the currently changing social and political events in the USA, she had the urge to interpret her story into English, thus making it possible to introduce it to those American, perhaps British and Australian readers, who would like to read a page turner love story from a "past", but very revealing, socialist era.

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