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AHF Cultural News: Kosztolanyi's Skylark

Kosztolanyi's 'Skylark' is Highlighted By Time Magazine... The July 11, 2011 issue of Time Magazine devotes six pages to a compilation titled "Pack Your (Book) Bag."  The magazine asked 23 contemporary writers to recommend not well known but significant books to read. Deborah Eisenberg (most recent book is "The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg") recommended Dezso Kosztolanyi's novel, "Skylark." ("Pacsirta")

"There is a book that I absolutely adore, called Skylark, written by a Hungarian writer, Dezso Kosztolanyi, in the 1920s," says Eisenberg. "On the surface, it seems very simple and local, the story of a homely girl in a small Hungarian town, but it is electrifying, hilarious and unbelievably painful. It encapsulates just about all human experience, like a magic diorama you enter that becomes absolutely real and endless."

This past Christmas, the undersigned played a small "literary game:" I sent my sister the Hungarian edition of Pacsirta, and her daughter (my niece) the English translation, Skylark. I asked them to read the novel at the same time, and to compare thoughts, impressions, reflections. Given this context, Time Magazine's "recommendation," came as a pleasant surprise to me. - Zoltan Bagdy

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