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Top AHF National Headlines 5/8/2006

  • Property Restitution in Serbia-Montenegro: June Deadline Approaches
    AHF 1956 Resolution adopted in Texas
  • INVITATION: Memorial Day 2006 Commemoration Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, May 29th
  • AHF National Meeting finds unity and elects new leadership
  • INVITATION: AHF Gala Fundraiser to benefit the Hungarian Scouts (Csérkészek) and AHF 1956 Fund on May 20th
  • AHF responds to European Commissioner Ollie Rehn on Transylvania minority
  • AHF helps organize Congressional Reception with the Central East European Coalition
  • 1956 Memorial Statue in the Nation's Capital
  • AHF participates in protest over anti-democratic developments in Belarus
  • AHF members attend Capitol event honoring the 1848 revolution
  • The "Butcher of Budapest" - The Washington Post publishes AHF article on the "Consequences of the Secret Speech."
  • AHF Honors Dr. Janos Horvath... earlier meets with AHF
  • AHF providing FREE 1956 Websites to all member organizations
  • New Video books and new article posted to 1956 Portal at www.hungary1956.com
  • AHF Turns 100! A Centennial Call for Membership!
  • Are you an AHF member and would like to promote your activities? We exist to help! [Contact us]

    AHF Member News

  • CA: Society for Hungarian Philately exhibition in Washington
  • DC: AHF DC Commemorates1848/49 War of Independence
  • DC: 20th Semiannual Hungarian Picnic
  • FL: The American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture - 1956 Memorial Statue receives go ahead from Collier County Commission!
  • NJ: American Hungarian Foundation exhibits Balazs Szabo
  • NY: AHF adds eCommerce subscriptions to the Hungarian Weekly newspaper, Amerikai Magyar Szó / a Hid. Sign up online!
  • OH: Bicycling 1956 miles to raise funds for United Way Hungary and awareness about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
  • OH: Bela Bognar's Scholarship Fund supporting ethnic Hungarians
  • MD: 1956 Animated Documentary nears completion, needs your support. Meet the filmmakers at May 20th Gala in Washington, DC!
  • MD: Choreographer seeking 1956-ers to share experiences for modern dance production about Hungarian Revolution
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    4/28/2006 - Texas House of Representatives adopts AHF 1956 Resolution and congratulates the American Hungarian Federation on its 100th anniversary. AHF's 1956 Commemoration Committee announced a nationwide effort urging state houses and governors to adopt resolutions honoring the heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Texas became the first state to adopt the resolution. Special thanks to Chris Cutrone, President of the AHF Texas Chapter in Austin, and Phillip Aronoff, Honorary Consul of Hungary in Houston.

    The Houston Chronicle published an Op-Ed calling attention to our resolution. We need your help! AHF is calling on all member organizations and friends to promote this important effort! How can you help? [read more]

    4/26/2006 - The American Hungarian Federation announces Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on May 29, 2006. Representatives from NATO, both the US and Hungarian military, Hungarian American leaders, and the Ambassador and representatives from the Hungarian Embassy are expected to attend. Arlington National is the final resting place for a number of Hungarian American Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. [read more]

    AHF Leadership at 2006 National Convention in Garfield, New Jersey4/25/2006 - AHF shows unity and elects new leadership at National Meeting. The American Hungarian Federation held its National Convention at the Garfield Hungarian Club in New Jersey on April 22nd. AHF Members from across the United States met to ensure unity and common purpose and successfully elected a new leadership to lead the organization in its Centennial Year. [read more]

    May Gala Fundraiser for the American Hungarian Federation and the Hungarian Scouts of Washington, DC4/19/2006 - The American Hungarian Federation and the Hungarian Scouts of Washington, DC May 20th Gala Fundraiser. Proceeds of the evening to support a series of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the Hungarian historical communities living in the countries neighboring Hungary. Honorary Chairs include Hungarian American community leaders and Congressmen Tom Lantos, Daniel W. Lipinski, Thaddeus G. McCotter, and Frank R. Wolf. [read more and reserve your seat by May 10th!] Yes, you can pay online!

    4/18/2006 - The American Hungarian Federation responds to European Commissioner Rehn's view that conditions relating to the Hungarian historical community living in Romania are satisfactory. The letter states, "More than a decade after the collapse of communism, Romania has yet to fulfill its promises to its more than 1.5 million strong ethnic Hungarians." [read more]

    Additional Resources on Transylvania:

    Left to Right: Soma Jobbagy (AHF Intern), Maria Farkas, Frank Koszorus, Cong. Daniel Lipinski, Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi, Erika Fedor3/29/2006 - The American Hungarian Federation helps organize Congressional Reception with the Central East European Coalition (CEEC). The CEEC is a coalition of 18 national ethnic groups. The CEEC was a major player in the first round of NATO's enlargement and promotes democratic development in the region. [read more]

    1956 Statue Prototype by Gyuri Hollosy3/22/2006 - AHF unveils 1956 Statue prototype for the Nation's Capital...AHF's 1956 Commemoration Committee is seeking your help to erect a statue in Washington, D.C. devoted to the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution. The AHF plan calls for an actual-size statue to be placed prominently in Washington while we raise funds for its bronze replacement. Seen here with his prototype design is renowned sculptor Gyuri Hollosy, who was responsible for the Boston Liberty Square memorial. At the recent Capitol Reception honoring 1848, Congressman Tom Lantos mentioned his intent to place a 1956 memorial in Washington. We must ensure this remarkable design is selected! Contact bryandawson@americanhungarianfederation.org and join the 1956 Commemoration Committee!

    (from left) Paul Blocher and Andy Anuzis (office of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter), Ramunas Kondratas (JBANC), Frank Koszorus (American Hungarian Federation) , Karl Altau (JBANC). and the Belarus "denim Freedom flag" 3/16/2006 - The American Hungarian Federation participates in protest over anti-democratic developments in Belarus. In a show of solidarity with fellow CEEC members, demonstrators gathered in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Washington, DC [read more]

    President Bush Honors Hungary's Contributions to Democracy during commemoration of Hungarian National Day and Anniversary of its 1848 revolution led by Louis Kossuth3/15/2006 - AHF members attend Capitol event honoring the 1848 revolution and Hungarian Contributions to Democracy. March 15th marks Hungary's National Day and the anniversary of its historic 1848 democratic revolution led by Louis Kossuth. President Bush said, “I believe the example of Hungary proves that freedom is universal. I believe everybody desires to live in freedom. It's an example that tyranny can never stamp out the desire to be free.” Numerous AHF members joined the event chair, Congressman Tom Lantos and distiguished speakers and guests that included Congressmen Hastert and Pelosi, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and Hungarian Ambassador Simonyi. [read more] With Video!

    The "Butcher of Budapest" Nikita Khrushchev3/1/2006 - The "Butcher of Budapest" - The Washington Post publishes AHF article on the "Consequences of the Secret Speech." AHF Assoc. President Frank Koszorus, Jr., wrote the article in reaction to Anne Applebaum's "Happy Anniversary, Nikita Khrushchev." "One consequence of the "secret speech" that Ms. Applebaum didn't mention was the destabilizing impact it had on Soviet-dominated Central and Eastern Europe." [download the article]

    AHF's Frank Koszorus, Jr. awards its Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom to Dr. Janos Horvath. The Hungarian Parliamentarian was on a US tour  to discuss the upcoming elections in Hungary and the opportunity for Hungarian citizens living in the United States to participate in the elections.3/1/2006 - Dr. Horváth János Washingtonban: Amerikai Magyar Szövetség Kitüntetése / Dr. Janos Horvath in Washington: Receives AHF's highest honor, the Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom.

    Hungarian Parliamentarian, Dr. Janos Horvath, is on US tour  to discuss the upcoming elections in Hungary and the opportunity for Hungarian citizens living in the United States to participate in the electionsJános Horváth, a senior member of the Parliament of Hungary representing the Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Party, visited several North American Hungarian communities between February 26 and March 6. The key purpose of his trip was to underline the significance of the upcoming general Parliamentary elections to be held in April in Hungary, and to spread the news to those Hungarians with voting rights that they may cast their votes at the Hungarian Embassies and Consulates abroad including those in the US and Canada for the first time if they mail their requests with the selected location to the appropriate local authorities in Hungary within the somewhat restrictive statutory deadlines. [read more]

    Continuing news - AHF providing free Websites on the 1956 Portal (www.hungary1956.com) to member organizations as they prepare for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.Hungary 1956 PortalIf you know of any organization or group planning events for the commemoration of 1956, please contact us. The American Hungarian Federation is sponsoring the 1956 Portal as part of its goals to coordinate and assist member organizations across the country.

    The 1956 Portal serves as a central information resource for 1956 activities as our community prepares for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. The Portal also includes Audio and Video files! If you have additional photos or have plans you would like to promote, contact us! Write to bryandawson@americanhungarianfederation.org

    [See www.hungary1956.com]

    Featured Videos

    Note: You will need the free RealAudio Player to see these videos. Click [here] to download.

    Click to download the Video: "Five Days of Revolt in Budapest." 5.2Mb"Five Days of Freedom in Budapest" - "Budapest is in revolt. With uncontrolled fury, crowds set fire to Russian flags... The impossible has happened. A handful of heroes has shaken the communist world to its foundations." (5.2 Mb)

    1956 Video: "News Magazine of the Screen" presented "Flight from Hungary" in early 1957 featuring video taken after the brutal Soviet re-occupation. "This is battered Budapest under the brutal Russian boot, Soviet tanks roams the streets under the ruins they laid as communist secret police hunt down heroic Freedom Fighters. 25,000 Hungarians are dead." A fascinating video, it also includes news about the Suez Crisis and more glimpes into life during this time. 2/27/2006 - New Video posted to the 1956 Portal! "News Magazine of the Screen" presented "Flight from Hungary" in early 1957 featuring video taken after the brutal Soviet re-occupation. "This is battered Budapest under the brutal Russian boot, Soviet tanks roam the streets under the ruins they laid as communist secret police hunt down heroic Freedom Fighters. 25,000 Hungarians are dead." A fascinating video, it also includes news about the Suez Crisis and more glimpes into life during this time.

    A new book by Rebecca McEldowney and an article by Attila Ürményházi in Tasmania were also added to the publications section.
    [See www.hungary1956.com]

    Continuing news - A Centennial Celebration! The American Hungarian Federation turned 100 - Join and help us represent the interests of our community! AHF turns 100! Join us and help us represent our communityThe American Hungarian Federation (AHF), was founded in 1906 in Cleveland, Ohio. Among the oldest ethnic organizations in the US, AHF was established as an association of Hungarian societies, institutions and churches to "defend the interest of Americans of Hungarian origin in the United States." The American Hungarian Federation strives to unite the American Hungarian community through work that supports common goals. AHF is a national, non-partisan, independent umbrella organization representing the interests of the Hungarian American community. Members are reminded to send dues before March 31st. [more about us]

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    The latest member books added:

    • Rebecca McEldowney's "Soul of Flesh: A Novel of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution"Rebecca McEldowney's "Soul of Flesh: A Novel of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution" [read more]
    • Dr. Katalin Kadar Lynn's "Tibor Eckhard in His Own Words: An Autobiography"Dr. Katalin Kadar Lynn's "Tibor Eckhard in His Own Words: An Autobiography" [read more]

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    Property Restitution in Serbia-Montenegro: June Deadline Approaches

    US Embassy reports: "Serbia and Montenegro is one of the last countries in the region to tackle the difficult issue of restitution of property seized or expropriated by the former communist governments. Private American citizens, and other claimants, are often frustrated by the lack of progress on this issue. The U.S. Embassy continues to raise this issue with government officials at the highest levels. Restitution of seized or expropriated properties differs, depending upon whether the property is located in Serbia or Montenegro." [Read Details in English]

    Also see the State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices in Serbia and Montenegro

    Szerbiában nem az igazi a restitúció

    Szerbiában egyelõre várat magára a II. világháborút követõen vagyonuktól megfosztottak kárpótlása. Törvény még nem született a kártalanításról, de egy jogszabály tavaly nyár óta érvényben van, melynek értelmében 2006. június 30-áig a kárvallottaknak vagy leszármazottaiknak be kell nyújtaniuk a Szerb Köztársaság vagyonjogi igazgatóságának az ellenszolgáltatás nélkül elvett vagyonuk visszaszármaztatására vonatkozó igényt, a megfelelõ dokumentáció kíséretében. [read more]


    Featured Member

    Bobbie Kalman, an AHF Kovats Circle Member, is a co-founder of Crabtree Publishing and one of the most prolific authors of children's books. She recently completed a book targeted at older children chronicling her experiences as a 9-year-old in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, entitled "Refugee Child."

    Meet Bobbie!

    Bobbie Kalman's story as a 9-year-old in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, entitled "Refugee Child." Bobbie will attend AHF's May Gala in Washington on May 20th. She has donated a number of books and will autograph posters of her "Refugee Child" for participants.

    You can also meet Bobbie at Book Expo America in Washington, DC:

    Friday May 19th, 9-6
    Saturday May 20th, 9-6
    Sunday May 21st, 9-4
    Crabtree Booth #5819

    Read more about her on
    [Featured Members]


    Society for Hungarian Philately exhibition, Washington, DC: May 27 - June 3, 2006

    Washington 2006 is one of the largest stamp shows to occur every 10 years, and this year SHP has been assigned a booth in the prime area of the Society Booths' section. AHF is preparing commemorative envelopes for sale and Plans are made to have SHP / Washington '06 souvenir covers available at the booth.

    Read more about SHP on their Website [www.hungarianphilately.org]. More information on the World Philatelic Exhibition can be found here:

    Washington, DC

    The entire 4th Hungarian Scout troop performed "Emlékezés" (Remembrance) at the Wesley Theological Seminary's Chapel at American University in honor of Hungary's 1848 democratic revolution led by Louis Kossuth3/26/2006 - AHF of Washington, DC's annual 1848 commemoration. The Chapel at Wesley Theological Seminary at American University was the setting for this year's commemoration which featured speeches on Louis Kossuth and the implications of 1848 on recent Hungarian politics and ethnic relations in the Carpathian Basin. Speakers included Ambassador Andras Simonyi, AHF DC President Frank Koszorus, Andras Ferenc Bodor, and performances by local youth and the Bátori József Hungarian Scouts Troop. [read more]

    20th Semiannual Hungarian Picnic
    Saturday, May 13, 2006, 3:00 pm to dark
    Rock Creek Park
    Web: www.hungaria.org/picnic
    Info: hungarianpicnicdc@yahoo.com

    Hungarian students and young professionals in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area cordially invite you and your friends to our semiannual picnic. Join us for an afternoon of fun, food, and music. (if you would like to play soccer or volleyball, please, dress appropriately). The picnic is free but your tax-deductible contribution is welcome. Suggested donations: $10 per person. Bring your donations to the picnic or send a check in advance. Please make checks payable to AHEA (American Hungarian Educators' Association) and send to:

    AHEA, Picnic Spring 2006
    4515 Willard Ave 2210
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815


    Naples, FL: The American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture - 1956 Memorial Statue receives approval from Collier County Board of Commissioners!

    The Foundation supports education and awareness of Hungarian Culture in Naples and in Hungary, primarily among youth. They are also making plans to commemorate the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Support the cause by purchasing Ribbon Car Magnets to commemorate the 1956 Fight for Freedom. It says "USA 1776 / Hungary 1956: Freedom is not Free." Magnets cost 1-4 magnets cost $5.00 each, with quantity discounts. Tax-deductible donations are also appreciated. Contact Andrew Evva, President at (239) 593-9513 or asevva@aol.com

    New Jersey

    Exhibition: April 9 - October 1, 2006
    Balazs Szabo; Fantastic Realist - A Retrospective of Paintings and Works on Paper. This artist was born in Hungary and arrived in America following the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. His portraits, Surrealist images and richly colorful Hawaiian motifs are all to be shown as part of this exhibition. Balazs Szabo is an AHF member. His official site: www.balazsart.com

    New York

    Subscribe ONLINE to Amerikai Magyar Szó / A Hid
    Amerikai Magyar Szó / A Hid is the largest Hungarian-language paper in the United States

    This former AHF paper is now operated by AHF's István Petermann, a young Hungarian-American entrepreneur originally from Transylvania. This well-produced American weekly for the Hungarian community recently expanded its circulation and is now available at over 2500 locations across the United States. This is a full-featured 30-50 page paper that even includes a "Kids Corner." For information, call 1-877-A-MAGYAR.

    You can now subscribe ONLINE on the AHF Website [subscribe]
    Subscribe ONLINE to Amerikai Magyar Szó / A Hid


    1956 Miles to Help Hungary

    AHF's Laszlo Buda is raising funds for United Way Hungary by riding his bicycle 1956 miles by October 23, 2006. He is seeking pledges/sponsorships in this 50th anniversary year of the Hungarian Revolution. "Laz" rode 1210 miles last year, so this would be 50% more - quite a physical challenge! Contact him at lazbuda@yahoo.com

    Hungarian Scholarship Fund (HSF)

    The American Hungarian Federation recently added $1000.00 to its effort at raising funds to the Hungarian Scholarship Fund that supports ethnic Hungarian students in the successor states in the Carpathian Basin. The Federation gave $5000.00 in 2005, and needs your support to surpass that number. Known as the "Professor Paprika," Bela Bognar grows and sells paprika to raise money. [read more] about the Hungarian Scholarship Fund and DONATE!


    Exhibition on 1956 Hungarian Revolution in downtown Boston's Prudential Center

    Dr. Gabor Garai, Honorary Hungarian Consul in Boston, is planning and exhibition that aims to educate the public about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The Prudential Center agreed to provide an well-trafficked area for the display. Planned is a photo exhibit and other artifacts.


    Freedom Dance, the Movie"Freedom Dance" re-tells the inspiring story of a Hungarian-born artist named Edward Hilbert who (with his newly wedded wife, Judy) made a dangerous escape from occupied Hungary in 1956 during the violent Hungarian Revolution, taking refuge in the land of Edward's dreams: America! Throughout their 4 months on the road, Edward, the child star of the Hungarian classic film "Meseauto," kept a journal in cartoon form illustrating various episodes from his adventure. The filmmakers need your financial support to complete this unique project and are even selling original artwork by the artist and stills from the film. Meet the filmmakers at the AHF May Gala in Washington. [read more]

    Attention Hungarians who came to the US during World War II or the 1956 Revolution: AHF Member Barbara Lanciers is a theatre artist (performer / director / choreographer) from New York City and a recent transplant to Baltimore, Maryland. She is working on the creation of a performance piece based on her grandmother's escape from Budapest to the US in 1944. The project is a entitled, "Leaves with A Name." Barbara is in conceptual stages. If you are interested in helping her or being interviewed, contact her at blanciers@googlemail.com


    AHF's Dr. Istvan Tuba
    The Third Resource: A Universal Ideology of Economics; A Tribute to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
    . The universal Tuba Doctrines will revolutionize man's thinking about world economics (2005).
    Available on the [AHF bookstore]

    Featured Link

    The Hungary Page and "Nobel Prize Winners & Famous Hungarians"

    Do you think you know something about famous Hungarians? Think again! See "Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians" on www.thehungarypage.com

    Béla BarényiBéla Barényi
    Father of the Volkswagen Beetle, Passive Safety, Occupant Safety Cell, Collapsible Steering System, AND the Seat Belt! Because Porsche was credited with the invention, Berényi went to the German courts in 1955 and won. Barényi asked for only 1 German Mark as compensation.