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Top AHF Headlines 12/21/2005

  • AHF Turning 100! An urgent Centennial Call for Membership!
  • Brooklyn, New York Hungarian Christmas
  • Tennessee Hungarians trying to organize
  • AHF providing free 1956 Websites to all member organizations
  • House Resolution 479 passes unanimously
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  • Featured Member
  • In Memoriam
  • Disaster Relief Update
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    1/1/2006 - A Centennial Celebration! The American Hungarian Federation turns 100 - Join and help us represent the interests of our community! AHF turns 100! Join us and help us represent our communityThe American Hungarian Federation (AHF), was founded in 1906 in Cleveland, Ohio. Among the oldest ethnic organizations in the US, AHF was established as an association of Hungarian societies, institutions and churches to "defend the interest of Americans of Hungarian origin in the United States." The American Hungarian Federation strives to unite the American Hungarian community through work that supports common goals. AHF is a national, non-partisan, independent umbrella organization representing the interests of the Hungarian American community. [more about us]

    Download the Christmas Announcement: Hungarian Christmas in Brooklyn12/21/2005 - AHF helps sponsor First Hungarian Christmas in Brooklyn, New York... Initiated by the weekly newspaper and member organization The American Hungarian Word / Amerikai Magyar Szo - A Hid, the event will be held at 12 noon on December 24th at the St. Rosalia Roman Catholic Church (6301 14th Ave.). After the noon mass, a reception will be held. A midnight mass is also scheduled. For more details, [download the announcement]

    12/17/2005 - Tennessee Hungarians trying to organize. Please help the Tennessee Hungarian community join forces to preserve Hungarian American culture in the Volunteer State where Hungarian Americans have a long history and Col. Géza Mihalóczy became a Civil War Hero and organized the famed "Lincoln Riflemen." Contact Joe Pinter for more information at: 707bradplbjboro@bellsouth.net and see more Famous Hungarians.

    12/15/2005 - AHF providing free Websites on the 1956 Portal to member organizations as they prepare for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.Hungary 1956 PortalIf you know of any organization or group planning events for the commemoration of 1956, please contact us. The American Hungarian Federation is sponsoring the 1956 Portal as part of its goals to coordinate and assist member organizations across the country. The 1956 Portal serves as a central information resource for 1956 activities as our community prepares for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. The Portal also includes Audio and Video files! If you have additional photos or have plans you would like to promote, contact us! Write to Bryan Dawson at

    [See www.hungary1956.com]

    Featured Video

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    Click to download the Video: "Five Days of Revolt in Budapest." 5.2Mb"Five Days of Freedom in Budapest" - "Budapest is in revolt. With uncontrolled fury, crowds set fire to Russian flags... The impossible has happened. A handful of heroes has shaken the communist world to its foundations." (5.2 Mb)
    [See more audio and video files]

    12/7/2005 - By a unanimous and recorded vote, the House of Representatives passed H. Res. 479 on December 6, 2005. The resolution, which had been introduced by Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA), recognizes the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and enjoyed the support of the American Hungarian community and its various organizations.

    Cong. Tom Lantos addresses the audience after receiving AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomThe American Hungarian Federation applauds Congressman Lantos for taking the initiative to introduce and secure passage of H. Res. 479. As stated earlier by the Federation, "With this resolution, the Congress has eloquently recognized the extraordinary sacrifices made by Hungarians 50 years ago, reaffirmed the historic ties and close friendship between the United States and Hungary and acknowledged the tremendous contribution made by Hungarians forced to flee tyranny and start a new life in the United States."

    Full Text of H. Res. 479 is below or [downloadable as a PDF]
    Download the FREE Adobe Reader NOTE: You will need the free Adobe Reader to open the document. Click image to download.

    Featured Member

    Dr. István Stephen Szára, pioneering researcher, recipient of 2005 Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomDr. István Stephen Szára, recent recipient of AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom (awarded at AHF's Oct. 19 Congressional Reception honoring 1956) is a Chemist, Psychiatrist, Pharmacologist, and Professor who fled Hungary after the 1956 Revolution. He is a pioneering researcher in psychopharmacology and consciousness. AHF's Colonel Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomDr. Szára presented world’s first clinical report on DMT and first to show DMT as hallucinogenic in 1956: providing a basis for subsequent work on schizophrenia. He retired as Chief of the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Biomedical Research Branch. Read more about him on [Featured Members] and [read his acceptance speech]

    In Memoriam

    George Haydu's Memoir11/15/2005 - AHF President Emeritus, Entrepreneur, Freedom Activist, and 1959 US "Citizen of the Year," George K. Haydu, passed away after long illness. The death of this great humanitarian and leader is a major loss for the Hungarian-American community and to all his many friends. Despite many death threats President Harry Truman awards 1959 "Citizen of the Year" to George K. Hayduand being shot in the leg during "Loyalty Day" parade in New York City, George was undeterred in his efforts to bring freedom to Hungary and comfort to refugees. [read more about George Haydu] or see [All Memorials]

    Disaster Relief Wall of Honor

    AHF Disaster Relief FundWe've reached the $6500.00 mark! Who is giving to the Disaster Relief Fund? AHF would like to publicly say "thank you." Click here to see and then join us to help our community!

    Featured Link: Do you think you know something about famous Hungarians? Think again! See "Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians" on www.thehungarypage.com

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    Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket!Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket!

    Santa Claus is called "Télapó" or "Mikulás." According to legend, one night he put three bags of gold in three sisters window to rescue them from being poor and allow them to marry honorable men.

    Christmas trees are decorated in Hungary on December 24th (see "How to Decorate a Hungarian Christmas Tree"). Parents decorate separately from teh children and then ring the Christmas bell, signaling to the children that the angels have brought and decorated the Christmas tree and that Baby Jesus has arrived with gifts. The family gathers 'round the tree holding hands to sing "Angel from Heaven," or "Menybol Az Angyal" in Hungarian. After opening gifts, a dinner featuring hot, spiced wine, soup, or "borleves," and fish, duck or other delectable course is served. Families then attend midnight mass together.


    • Hungarian Children's Christmas Songs (Gyermekdalok) [visit]
    • Hungarian Christmas Songs [visit]

    January 9 - February 10, 2006

    Art Exhibit in Baltimore to raise funds for "Freedom Dance the Movie" - an animated documentary film about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution! Original Art, created for the movie, to be sold.

    "As the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution approaches and memories of its destruction by Soviet forces recede, it is vital to show the sufferings of ordinary Hungarians. This film is a bold endeavor to help Americans understand both the bravery of a people yearning for freedom and the brutal invasion that was intended to crush their hopes."
    - Janusz Bugajski, Director, Central and East European Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies

    Freedom Dance, the MovieFreedom Dance is produced and directed by award-winning filmmakers Steven Fischer and Craig Herron. They collaborated with 1956 emigre Edward Hilbert in combining recorded interviews and photographs with the unconventional use of character-driven cartoon animation.

    Where and When?

    Norman & Sara Brown Art Gallery, Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore
    5700 Park Heights Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21215

    Exhibit runs January 9 - February 10, 2006 with a reception Sunday, January 22, 2006 from 3-5pm. The reception is free, and we are selling the original art work from the movie (signed by Edward Hilbert) to raise finishing funds. Hungarian Ambassador Andras Simonyi and Cultural Attache Karoly Dan from the Hungarian Embassy will be on hand to
    speak at the reception. [visit the official Website]

    Attention Hungarians who came to the US during World War II or the 1956 Revolution: AHF Member Barbara Lanciers is a theatre artist
    (performer/director/choreographer) from New York City and a recent transplant to Baltimore, Maryland. She is working on the creation of a performance piece based on her grandmother's escape from Budapest to the US in 1944. The project is a entitled, "Leaves with A Name." Barbara is in conceptual stages. If you are interested in helping her or being interviewed, contact her at blanciers@googlemail.com


    Hungarian Christmas Festival in Wolverhampton, England, ends
    12/21/2005 - Wolverhampton Online

    This year, shoppers and visitors to the city are set for a special treat when Wolverhampton plays host to one of the first Hungarian Markets to visit the UK. [read more]

    The Independent Smallholders Party Returns / Újjáéledo Független Kisgazdapárt
    12/21/2005 Magyar Radio Online

    Politikával, pártokkal foglalkozó újságíró, vagy riporter, hacsak nem akart valamilyen bulvár ízu szenzációt kicsiholni magából, inkább legyintette egyet az elmúlt esztendokben, ha a kisgazdapárt szóba került. Ki tudja a sok közül melyik az igazi? A jelek arra mutatnak, talán befejezodött a zurzavaros idoszak. [tovabb]

    "Hungarian R.E.M." Rocking at the Csarnok
    12/22/2005 - Budapest Sun Online

    On Dec 23, Hungary's "leading alternative rock band" will take to the stage at the Petõfi Csarnok for its annual winter concert. Kispál és a borz was formed in Pécs in 1987, and has released nearly a dozen acclaimed albums and played to thousands in clubs and at festivals throughout Hungary. [read more]

    Hungary PM vows 2010 euro, reforms after elections
    12/21/2005 - Reuters

    Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said on Wednesday that his Socialist-led government was committed to adopting the euro currency in 2010 and will carry out necessary reforms in the public sector if re-elected. Hungary will hold parliamentary elections in 2006 and the ruling Socialists and conservative opposition are running neck and neck in most opinion polls. [read more]

    England to play Hungary in May Wembley friendly
    12/20/2005 - Reuters

    England will play Hungary in a soccer friendly at the new Wembley Stadium on May 30, the head of the Hungarian Football Association said on Tuesday.

    "The English association has invited Hungary for the opening international game of the new Wembley," Imre Bozoky was quoted as saying by the by national news agency MTI.
    [read more]

    2005 was a year of image shifting, bipolarity and populism
    12/20/2005 - Budapest Times

    From the point of view of political communication, 2005 was a year of preparation for the parties, with an election due early in 2006. Just as in the previous year, there were numerous campaigns by the parties. But there were changes in the goals and arguments of those campaigns. [read more]

    Hungary, Austria to hold joint gov't session on Tuesday
    12/19/2005 - MTI

    Budapest, December 19 (MTI) - Hungary and Austria are scheduled to hold their first joint government session in Vienna on Tuesday, twelve days ahead of the latter taking over the European Union's rotating presidency, a national daily said on Monday. [read more]

    Hungary leading high-tech mobile telecommunications! Vodafone Launches 3G service in Hungary
    12/20/2005 - People's Daily Online, China

    Vodafone Hungary has launched its 3G services in Hungary, and the first service from Vodafone will be high speed Internet access on the new 3G network with the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G data card, Hungarian media said Monday. [read more]

    FIDESZ Holds Three-Point Edge in Hungary
    12/18/2005 - Angus Reid online

    The opposition Citizens Party (Fidesz) of former prime minister Viktor Orban is the top-rated political organization in Hungary, according to a poll by Median. 35 per cent of respondents would vote for Fidesz in the next general election. [read more]

    Hungarian Olympic Committee appoints new general secretary
    12/17/2005 - MTI

    Budapest, December 17 (MTI) - The general meeting of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) appointed two-times Olympic silver medal fencing champion Jeno Kamuti to the post of General Secretary on Saturday.
    [read more]

    The Effects of closing a Hungarian Church in Allentown: St. Stephen's made Hungarian refugee girl feel at home
    12/15/2005 - McCall.com

    The night was very cold in November of 1956 in my village of Csakany, Hungary, and snow blanketed the countryside. Inside our little house, the wood fire in the stove burned brightly as we sat close to warm our hands and feet. I lived there with my mother, father, grandmother and grandfather, and my big brother, age 10. [read more]

    Pick Szeged asks Competition Office to investigate case of stealthy salami maker
    12/12/2005 - MTI

    Pick Szeged, Hungary's most famous salami maker, has requested that the Competition Office consider whether the sale of low-quality Austrian salami in packaging similar to that used by Pick Szeged is legal or meets Hungary's consumer protection standards, Pick Szeged CEO Laszlo Kovacs announced late Tuesday. [read more]

    Hungary supports Macedonia EU bid
    12/12/2005 - Greece

    Hungary supports Macedonia's aspirations to become a candidate country for the European Union membership, Hungarian Ambassador to Macedonia Ferenc Poka told journalists on Tuesday. [read more]

    Hungary backs referendum on Montenegro's independence, says PM
    12/13/2005 - MTI

    Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany on Tuesday told Montenegro's President Filip Vujanovic that Hungary shows understanding towards Montenegro's planned referendum on independence, all the more so as the constitution approved on March 2003 declares its right to vote on the issue. [read more]

    The Wild Hungarian Plain
    12/13/2005 - Mathaba.net

    Following in the hoof-steps of Attila the Hun, Jim Whyte finds himself out on the wild Hungarian Plain, among an elite band of legendary horsemen [read more]

    Destination Spas of Western Hungary
    12/12/2005 - Europe Travel News

    By The early morning overcast sky had just given way to a beautiful, bright summer’s day and already the large spa teemed with about equal number of both sexes. Antal introduced a charming young lady by the name of Veronika Oszkó, who would guide us through this busy complex that includes both indoor and outdoor thermal pools. [read more]

    Consortium set up to launch biofuel marketplace
    12/11/2005 - Budapest Business Journal

    With an eye to raising interest in various types of biofuel throughout the European Union, an international consortium led by Hungarian-owned Geonardo Kft is planning to start work in January on an internet-based marketplace focusing on trade and investment opportunities in this area. [read more]

    All Hungarian households to have internet access in ten years, says minister
    12/9/2005 - MTI

    Budapest, December 9 (MTI) - All Hungarian households will have access to the internet within the next ten years, IT Minister Kalman Kovacs on Friday. [read more]

    President Solyom considers minorities ahead of two-day visit to Slovakia
    12/8/2005 - MTI

    Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom departed for a two-day official visit to neighbouring Slovakia on Thursday. In a pre-visit interview to Slovak daily Pravda, Solyom said the aim of the trip was to foster neighbourly relations and consult on joint representation of interests in the European Union. [read more]

    Hungary to host third NATO radar site
    12/8/2005 - UPI

    In a move certain to discomfit Russia, Hungary, a member of NATO since 1999, will host a NATO radar complex on Nagy-Tubes hill near Pecs. The installation is part of NATO's early warning defense system, and will be the third NATO early-warning radar installation in Hungary. [read more]

    Official denies Hungary's involvement in CIA renditions
    12/7/2005 - MTI

    The state secretary in charge of civilian secret services reiterated in Parliament on Wednesday that Hungary had not been involved in any secret prisons or similar CIA missions. [read more]