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7/28/2005 - AHF and member organizations spearhead letter urging president Bush to visit Budapest for commemoration of 1956 Hungarian revolution...The letter suggested that the President consider traveling to Budapest next year to participate in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.[read more]

7/26/2005 - AHF seeking additional photos, films, and other historical information related to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution for the 1956 Portal at www.hungary1956.com

Hungary 1956 PortalThe American Hungarian Federation is sponsoring the 1956 Portal as part of its goals to coordinate and assist member organizations across the country as it continues plans for kicking off a year of events leading up to October 2006. The 1956 Portal serves as a central information resource for 1956 activities as our community prepares for this important milestone. Includes many photos as well as Audio and Video files!
[See www.hungary1956.com]

Featured Video

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"Five Days of Freedom in Budapest" - "Budapest is in revolt. With uncontrolled fury, crowds set fire to Russian flags... The impossible has happened. A handful of heroes has shaken the communist world to its foundations." (5.2 Mb)
[See more audio and video files]

Colorado Hungarians moving forward on their local and state plans for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution...this AHF member organization will present a 1956 Revolution exhibit at the Colorado State Capitol and have organized a Mass by the Denver Archbishop on Oct. 22, 2006. [Read More about the Colorado Hungarians and other AHF organizational members]. Also visit www.hungary1956.com for more national activities.

Venice, Florida, Hungarians preparing to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of 1956 with a series of events kicking off on October 23, 2005! AHF VP Kálman Nagy reports that the Hungarian Christian Society of Venice has already raised $5000.00 toward a fundraising dinner and a 1956 memorial to be erected in Sarasota. Work on the memorial has already broke ground! The Venice Hungarian Christian Society are also sponsoring several 1956 Freedom Fighters from Hungary who will attend the ceremonies in Florida as well as in Washington, D.C. [See www.hungary1956.com]

7/12/2005 - AHF's 1956 Commemoration Committee meets again at its DC Headquarters as it continues plans for kicking off a year of events leading up to the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

AHF is calling for volunteers to assist with 2005 plans in Washington, DC. Please contact us. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 9th, 2005 at our DC Headquarters.

Some of the other activities include:

  • The 1956 Portal Website - www.hungary1956.com
  • National film presentations
  • In cooperation with George Lovas and the Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation and many others, AHF aims to present arias from the "Bank Ban" in New York.
  • Fundraising for the 1956 memorial statue by Gyuri Hollosi seen here.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral ecumenical mass with Cardinal Egon in New York City on Sunday, October 22, 2006.
  • Commemoration and Gala on October 18th and 21st, 2006 in Washington, DC. Distinguished nominees again will be presented with AHF's Mihaly Kovats Medal of Freedom for Lifetime Achievements.
  • Fundraising and Support for the "Lyukas Zaszlo" project / "Torn from the Flag" and debut in Washington, DC as part of commemoration activities.
  • A "Golden Book" to commemorate the 50th "Golden" Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.
  • Commemorative Stamps

Get involved - we need your HELP! [read more]

7/10/2005 - "Torn from the Flag" documentary completes US Shoot and continues to make progress! Despite no fundraising events this quarter, the project continued receiving donations. Though over $300,000 has been raised, there is still $200,000 to go! Seen here after her interview with Henry Kissinger in New York (photo by Gabriella Gyorffy), Producer and AHF member Klaudia Kovacs reports:

  • With Vilmos Zsigmond’s belief in the project and his enthusiastic recommendation, we were accepted into Panavision’s Young Filmmaker’s Program.
  • 100% of the U.S. shoot is complete - proceeding with the filming planned in Europe.

Support the project
to ensure its completion for the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution. You can also donate stock! [Read more about this amazing project] or see [Klaudia's official site]

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AHF 1956 Commemoration Committee meeting on August 9th at the DC Headquarters...AHF's 1956 Committee is calling for volunteers to assist with 2005 plans in Washington, D.C. Other local organizations also need your help. Please contact us.

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AHF's Peter Hargitai is a professor at Florida International University, award-winning poet and author of numerous books. He is scheduled to give a reading from Attila Jozsef, Selected Poems: celebrating 100 years of Attila Jozsef in this new selection of 100 poems. The Reading will be held on August 3rd at the Barnes & Noble at 12405 N. Kendall Dr. in Miami at 7:30 pm. Read more about Prof. Hargitai on
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International News


RFE/RFL Newsline, 7/14/2005

The League of Vojvodina Hungarians announced in Szabadka (Subotica) on 13 July a proposed amendment to the Serbian Constitution that will allow local self-government and a high degree of autonomy in areas where ethnic minorities constitute the bulk of the population, RFE/RL's South Slavic and Albanian Languages Service reported. The Belgrade leadership is a staunch defender of "decentralization" in Kosova to give the Serbian minority there a high degree of self-rule, but has been reluctant to extend similar rights to its own minorities. During the late 17th and into the 18th centuries, the Habsburgs encouraged Ottoman Serbs and people from throughout Central Europe to settle in what is now Vojvodina, which Habsburg forces had recently retaken from the Turks. The region became an ethnic mosaic and remained so through 1945, but its large German minority was expelled at the end of World War II, and many of the region's Hungarians fled or were deported at the same time.

Vojvodina's Serbian population grew with Belgrade's support in the interwar years and under the communists. During the rule of former Serbian and Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic from the late 1980s to 2000, many Croats, Hungarians, and other people of central European origin left Vojvodina, but the area was generally spared the forced ethnic-cleansing campaigns Belgrade employed elsewhere in the former Yugoslavia. PM
[more about Vojvodina]

Chess player Susan Polgar is queen of her game
Palm Beach Post 8/1/2005

Laszlo Polgar, who has devoted his professional life to the study of the mind, boldly declares to the world that he can turn any healthy baby into a genius. He will test his theory with his firstborn child, a girl. She will not attend public school — Laszlo believes they are factories for mediocrity. Instead, he will home-school her in his modest apartment in communist Hungary. [read more]

Hungarian Court Acquits Two Romani Men after 2100 Days in Prison
Roma Information Service, 8/1//2005

The Hajdú-Bihar County Court has acquitted at retrial two Romani men previously found guilty of murder. The two men, originally convicted on the basis of very weak evidence, had been sentenced to serve 15 and 13 years imprisonment respectively in 1999. [read more]

IBC lightweight champion, Laszlo Bognar, to challenge Jon Thaxton for WBF lightweight title
British Boxing, 8/1/2005

Hungarian Laszlo Bognar, who is currently the IBC lightweight champion, is a 37-year-old southpaw who hails from Paks. Bognar is currently 35-9-2 and is on a good run of five unbeaten in which time he has picked up the IBC, IBU and Hungarian lightweight titles. [read more]

Hungary women win water polo world championship against defending champ USA!
Xinhua, 7/28/2005

The Hungarian women's water polo team won its second world championship title here on Friday, beating the United States 10-7. Hungary led the game 7-3 at halftime. However, the strong-minded U.S. team, aiming to defend its world title, launched waves of counter attacks and catched up to 7-7 tie with 3:36 to go. [read more]

Real Madrid to play Hungary in benefit match
Indo-Asia News Service, 7/27/2005

A benefit match for Hungarian football great Ferenc Puskas, ailing from Alzheimer's disease, is to be held Aug 14 between a Hungary selection and Real Madrid. The Hungarian Football Association said an agreement had been reached with the sponsors and Hungary's coach Lothar Matthaeus that Puskas should receive 20 million florint ($98,000) from the match. A similar sum would go towards fostering Hungarian football talent. [read more]

Former President of the Perth Hungarian Club facing extradition on war crimes. Son claims father fled Hungary before the before murder.
The World Today, Australia, 7/26/2005

Charles Zentai, a Perth resident, is facing extradition to Hungary on a charge that he murdered a young Jewish man during World War Two. Today his son Ernie Steiner went public, claiming his father is innocent saying the evidence gathered against his father is flawed. [read more]

Chicago's Wilmette Theatre helping Hungarian Director Robert Koltai
reach a larger audience

Chicago Sun-Times, 7/25/2005

When "Colossal Sensation: Dodo and Napthalene" opened in Hungary last December, this comic feature hit 25 screens at multiplexes in director Robert Koltai's native country. For its United States premiere on Friday, this subtitled drama about twin clowns caught up in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution bowed on one screen at the Wilmette Theater. That says a lot about how foreign films play here.

In March, the film now retitled "Colossal Sensation!," screened at the Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles and at the European Union Film Festival at the Gene Siskel Film Center, but the Wilmette's theatrical premiere lets Koltai, who also stars as Napthalene, reach a larger audience
[read more]

FIDESZ Leads, But Socialists Gain in Hungary
Angus Reid, 7/23/2005

The opposition Citizens Party (Fidesz) remains the most popular political organization in Hungary, according to a poll by Gallup. 31 per cent of respondents would vote for Fidesz—led by former prime minister Viktor Orban—in the next general election. [read more]

Hopes Dim as US Ambassador Opens Trap Again
Pesticide, 7/21/2005

...why on Earth is Walker giving a pressconf touting the supposedly fine state of the Hungarian economy when the country's opposition has made the sorry state of the economy the cornerstone of its election campaign? Even if the opposition was not virtually certain to win next spring's general election, this would still be what any genuine diplomat would call a "regrettable incident." Then again, Walker isn't a genuine diplomat, so we guess all we can say is, what the heck. [read more]

Hungarian-American director finds roots in Budapest's underground
Los Angeles Times, 7/21/2005

The director of critcally acclaimed "Kontroll," the 31-year-old Antal, is an American -- born and raised in Los Angeles as the only child of Hungarian immigrant parents who had fled the communist regime. He returned to his ancestral homeland at 17 to study at its Academy of Drama and Film, partly in search of roots and partly because of the legacy of Hungarian cinematographers such as Vilmos Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs. Although he travels frequently to the United States, Antal calls Hungary home. [read more]

Hungarians Sour on EU, Protest Against Turkish Entry
Pesticide, 7/20/2005

According to state news agency MTI, a group of Hungarian youths staged a demonstration yesterday in Brussels against Turkey joining the EU. [read more]

Something fishy in Hungary? It's not all goulash: The Baja Fish Soup Festival Begins
Reuters, 7/19/2005

Hungary is famed throughout the world for its fiery, meaty goulash, but this nation of food fanatics has a lot of other arrows in its quiver, one of which is its hearty fish soup. [read more]

Herend: Luxury hotels in the Gulf region are leading a worldwide demand for fine porcelain fashioned by Hungarian craftsmen over two centuries.
AME Info, 7/16/2005

One customer at a recent trade exhibition in Dubai was so impressed with the products being displayed by Hungarian manufacturer Herend Porcelain that they bought the entire contents of their stand, furniture and all. [read more]

Anheuser-Busch Wins Latest Court Battle
AP, 7/15/2005

It's a long dispute with no apparent end in sight, and the latest victory goes to Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. A Hungarian court has ruled in favor of the St. Louis-based brewer, ordering cancellation for Czech beer-maker Budejovicky Budvar's use of the "Bud," "Budweiser Budvar" and "Budweiser Bier-Budvar" labels in Hungary. [read more]

A vision of home - State is setting for chapel linked with Hungarian Freedom Fighters
Charleston Gazette, 7/11/2005

BERKELEY SPRINGS — Ilona Gyorik walked slowly across the churchyard, each careful step a victory over her 80 years. She emerged from the shadow of the steeple and made her way to the weathered, wooden bell tower. [read more]

George Soros Pledges $202.4 Million to Central European University
PNN Online, July 11, 2005

The Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, has announced a $202.4 million endowment gift from Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros. [read more]

Hungary an increasing lure for service centers
Budapest Business Journal, 7/5/2005

With the days gone when large multinationals flocked to Hungary attracted by the once existing pool of cheap mass labor, major companies are now looking to the Hungarian labor force for more complex, personal skills with which to serve their global customer base. [read more]

Online recruitment gathering pace
Budapest Business Journal, 7/5/2005

Online recruitment is gaining ground in Hungary – fuelled especially by ever-increasing competition among multinationals for skilled Hungarian labor. At the same time, observers say, more internet penetration is required for it to seriously spread across the entire workforce.
[read more]


Szlovák-magyar Keringö:
A magyar toke Szlovákiába, a szlovák munkaero Magyarországra áramlik
[BDSz - "Hungarian investment flowing to Slovakia, "Slovak" workforce flowing to Hungary." It is interesting that this article from Hungary offers no analysis into whether these workers are Hungarian. The article also treats these workers as "Slovak."]
Magyar Nemzet Online, 7/12/2005

EU-tagságunk óta ezer magyar kis- és középvállalkozás tette át székhelyét Szlovákiába; a révkomáromi adóhivatalban csak az utóbbi fél évben 44 magyarországi céget jegyeztek be. 1,6 millió dollár muködo toke áramlott ily módon északi szomszédunkhoz, ahonnan viszont közel 5 ezer ember jár át dolgozni naponta Magyarországra, a jobb bérek és munkalehetoségek miatt. [read more in Hungarian]

To leaen about issues in Slovakia, visit AHF's site on the Benes Decrees


RFE/RFL Newsline, 7/8/2005

Croatian President Stipe Mesic told the Podgorica daily "Vijesti" of 9 July that his country will recognize Montenegrin independence if voters there decide to leave the union of Serbia and Montenegro in a referendum widely expected to be held in 2006, RFE/RL's South Slavic and Albanian Languages Service reported. Mesic indicated that Croatia will not wait for the international community to take the first step toward acknowledging the results of a referendum because Croatia is "led by forces that recognize political realities." He recalled that the failure of other countries to quickly recognize the independence of his country in 1991 caused it considerable problems. Asked how he feels about the fact that the current pro-independence Montenegrin leadership supported Serbian President Milosevic in his war with Croatia in 1991, Mesic replied that Montenegro is too small to stand up to Serbia, which at that time had the entire former Yugoslav People's Army at its disposal.

RFE/RFL Newsline, 7/8/2005

Kosova's President Ibrahim Rugova reiterated his desire for the province to win full independence and be integrated into Western institutions, Hina reported on 7 July. "Our aim is to become an independent state integrated with the European Union and NATO and in a lasting partnership with the United States," Rugova said following talks in Prishtina with Croatian President Stipe Mesic. Rugova added that he expects Croatia's support for Kosova's efforts to win international recognition as an independent state.

RFE/RFL Newsline, 7/8/2005

The Serbian government on 7 July condemned all war crimes committed in wars following the breakup of Yugoslavia, dpa reported the same day. The government placed special emphasis on the 1995 Srebrenica massacre and the 1992 killings of Serbs in Bratunac. "The condemnation of war crimes should not include distinctions based on ethnicity or religion. The government strongly and indubitably condemns massacres committed in Srebrenica and Bratunac," the Serbian government said in a statement. The condemnation came after months of debate in Serbia over whether Belgrade should condemn the killing of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, or condemn all war crimes committed during the decade of Balkan conflicts. [BDsz - the previous month, US Ambassador to Serbia, Michael Polt, condemned Belgrade for failure to acknowledge the Srebrenica massacre.]

RFE/RFL Newsline, 6/20/2005

A group of politicians from Vojvodina have tabled a draft declaration on Srebrenica in the northern Serbian province's legislature, B92 reported on 22 June. "The murder of Bosnians in Srebrenica is not just one more war crime committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia but, going by all the information available, the worst war crime in Europe since World War II, and has elements of genocide," the draft, which was proposed by the League of Vojvodina Hungarians and the Together for Vojvodina coalition, reads, "Senior officials in Serbia and the Serbian state apparatus took an active role in preparing, ordering, and concealing the crimes in Srebrenica and this responsibility of the state for that crime can only be absolved by clearly condemning the crimes and criminals," it continued. Earlier this month, Serbia's parliament failed to pass a resolution condemning the July 1995 massacre.

RFE/RFL Newsline, 6/9/2005

US Undersecretary of State for
Political Affairs Burns said in Belgrade on 9 June that Washington has resumed aid to Serbia and Montenegro previously suspended because of Serbia's poor record of cooperation with the Hague-based war crimes tribunal, Reuters reported. "The United states as of today is announcing the resumption of economic and other assistance.... More than $10 million will be unfrozen and will now proceed" for distribution, he said.


RFE/RFL Newsline, 6/5/2005 By Victor Neumann, professor of history at the West University of
Timisoara, Romania)

Excerpt: "Those who devised the racial legislation elaborated under King Carol II's royal dictatorship and under the regime of Ion Antonescu were not merely inspired by the Nazis. As shown above, there was plenty of locally produced samples on which to lean when interpreting the concept of nation. Among the autochthonous products, Neam, with its racist meaning, assumed the role of factotum in promoting discriminating attitudes, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism. It idiomatically justified exclusivism as practiced under Antonescu's regime. Transnistria might well be viewed as a "reservation" set up with the goal of solving the issue of ethnic purification -- or, as it is now labeled, "ethnic cleansing." The extermination methods practiced by the Romanian dictator might have been different from those of the Nazis, although they also share similarities, such as point-blank shooting. In essence, however, they are fully comparable, as regardless of the means employed, the motivation and the goal was common: racially determined mass murder."
[Go to "related downloads" on
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