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Memoriam: Ifj. Ferenc Koszorus, Esq November 16, 1947-May 24, 2024

07/08/2024 -

It is with deep sadness that the American Hungarian Federation(AHF) mourns the loss of Ferenc Koszorus, Jr. President Emeritus of the Federation.

Ferenc was a pillar of the Washington DC Hungarian community, and an active member and leader of the AHF for 50 years, serving as President for 6 years and as Chairman of the Federation's Foreign Relations Committee for the past 25 years.

Ferenc was a distinguished lawyer and utilized his wide-ranging contacts in Washington DC, Hungary and many European capitals to advocate for the collective and political rights of the 3 million Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin who were forcibly separated from Hungary by the unjust Treaty of Trianon in 1920, which dismembered the 1,000-year-old Kingdom of Hungary, and forcibly gave 66% of its territory to the successor countries.

He wrote extensively about the minority rights of the Hungarians many of which were published in prestigious publications and foreign policy institutes. Ferenc testified before several US Congressional Committee on the mistreatment of the Hungarian minorities by the successor countries.

Ferenc was committed to strengthening the ties between the US and Hungary and worked tirelessly on Hungary's accession to NATO after the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe.

Ferenc's temperament won over many to this cause both in Congress and the Senate, as well as the WDC diplomatic corps. It served the cause well in keeping often fractious Hungarian groups in the US to be focused on what they have in common so that the AHF could work effectively to further the cause of the Hungarian minorities and in protecting the good name of the Hungarian Nation.

An example of this work was Ferenc's effort during the last 15 years to set the record straight about Hungary's role during the German Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1944, when his father, the late Col. Ferenc Koszorus in coordination with Hungary's Regent, Admiral Miklos Horthy, thwarted the deportation to concentration camps by the occupying German forces of 300,000 Jews from Budapest.

Ferenc was also committed to recruiting young Hungarians to join the AHF to continue our mission.

Ferenc will be deeply missed by the members of the American Hungarian Federation and the many other organizations and individuals who had come to know him and his deep commitment to preserving the good name of the Hungarian Nation.

Please click on the link below to read an extensive obituary about Ifj. Ferenc Koszorus, his life and accomplishments.

Tribute Archive by Adams Green Funeral Home

Also peruse our website to view many important writings and activities by Ferenc.

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